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"If You Can Plug In A Vacuum, You Already Have What It Takes To Quickly Make An Extra $200 - $500+ Per Week With  Your Own Auto Interior Detailing Business..."



"How to Detail Car Interiors for Huge Profits"

It's very, very good -- worth every penny -- and I'm really hoping it's going to work for my husband on weekends, bringing us just a little closer to survival level.

An EASY business to start -- VERY low investment -- and a WHOLE lot better hourly rate than somebody I know gets working at Kinko's.

Thanks, Pete!!    Lesley F., CA




I will provide you with the same killer car interior detailing business plan that could mean a big pay day every day, just like I have done for others.  Car interior detailing is big business.

A little work ethic, and you can look for an income of $200 a week or more... part-time, providing a "Mobile Car Interior Detailing Service" in your area.

Even on a "slow" day, I manage to produce $135-$200 on a limited part-
time basis.

And, as you'll find out if you keep on reading, you can put this business into gear quickly and see results in a matter of days.



Are you still with me?

Good.  Then it should be a pretty fair bet on my part, that you're 100% serious about finding a top-of-the-line business.

I can tell you right now, that this business is just waiting for the guy, or gal that's willing to jump on it.

The "business" can be started for UNDER $150.00, and in many cases much less than half that.

How often do you get in a rush during the week?

Your car looks like it's been in the weekend "Mud Derby" finals, and you'd like to take the back streets home.

After dark.  So the neighbors don't see you!

But, instead you opt to hit the local drive-through car wash.

Five minutes.   $5-bucks.    You're done.

Or are you?



Stop and think about the number of people that "run through the car wash,"  and totally ignore their car's interior.

What if YOU could take care of that for them?



Hold it right there.  I KNOW what you're thinking.

"Nobody will pay for that."

WRONG..  People will "pay for that,"  if you only give them a reason to.







You got it! 

You can start a well received "Mobile Car Interior Detailing Service" right in your home town.

No washing. 

No waxing.

No engine cleaning.

Just DETAIL the interior of your customer's car! 

And, it doesn't matter if your a man, or a woman.



THINK..   60-MINUTES = $35-$55 OR MORE



Don't know about you, but my  J.O.B. sure doesn't pay me $55.00 an hour.

Doesn't pay $45.00 an hour either.

In fact, it doesn't even come close to $35.00 an hour.


Bottom line?  It IS a NEEDED, a WANTED, and a DESIRED service.

Do YOU get paid $35.00 an hour for YOUR work?

Didn't think so.

But, if you'd LIKE to, you need a copy of my special report.. "How To Detail Car Interiors For Huge Profits".

And, you can email me all the questions you want or need to.  I'll be most happy to do everything I can to help you build a successful business.


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"How To Detail Car Interiors For Huge Profits"


You get:

  • A check list of all needed equipment, and estimated cost of the items.

  • A step-by-step "road map" to getting the job done in as little time as possible, and still have your customer "oooing and ahhhing" as you drive off into the sunset with their cash in YOUR pocket.

  • Where to find your customer(s), and how to keep them.

  • Suggested advertising/promotional methods.

  • Constant eMail support.


This brief report/manual is a virtual Gold Mine in your pocket!

Look in your phone book under "Automobile - Detailing" you'll see dozens of them.

In MY phone book, there were over a dozen detailers.

Only ONE offered "Mobile" detailing.  It included washing, and the price STARTED at $115.00.

When I called, I asked how much if he didn't wash my car, just detailed the interior.. $75 bucks.


"How To Detail Car Interiors For Huge Profits"


Everything you need to know is packed into this simple to read manual. 

Order it today, and have your business going in the next 48-72 hours!

There's no reason you can't be pulling down $200 - $500 or more a week, in LESS than two weeks. 

Simply click the button below to make your purchase, and instantly receive the download instructions for complete information on building this highly profitable business.


What's Inside

  1. What products/equipment you'll need. ($100 or less!)

  2. How to do the work in the least amount of time, and still deliver QUALITY.

  3. Sample business cards, Fliers, Print Ads, and more.

  4. Product sources, online and off.



I asked some folks review this program.  Here's what  Anthony L. of Chicago wrote to me..

"You have a great product, but you never mentioned how much you want to sell it for.

IMHO, if you're going to sell this type of info, you should offer it for around $99.00."



It's open season on making money, and you can have the only "gun" in town! 

If you will follow my instructions to the letter, you can easily earn your investment back in less than a week.

"How To Detail Car Interiors For Huge Profits" is available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD. You can start putting it into action immediately!

People can make $35+ an hour with car detailing. To make it easy for you, the price is just $29.97 for the whole report.

It's guaranteed. If you don't like it, tell me in 30 days and I'll give you a refund.

To download it immediately, click on the button below

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